Georgia Gives Day 2019

On Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, help support DNR Search & Rescue and their efforts to continue to save lives. Keeping park guests safe and protected is key to Friends' mission. Every year, Friends provides specially trained members of the DNR Search and Rescue Team with equipment and certification training to respond to emergencies throughout the Georgia State Park System. Friends also offer Lost Prevention courses and programs to help preclude unfortunate incidents. 

Friends of DNR Search & Rescue, as most of you already know about this fantastic team of volunteers that helps to save lives throughout our state and beyond. What you may not know is that the chapter does not receive any funding from the state for training, supplies, and equipment — the chapter funds all of those things through donations. The elite members of the Georgia DNR Search & Rescue team are highly trained individuals with specialized skills who volunteer their time to respond in unique and often life-threatening situations. From the side of a cliff to the bottom of a canyon, from the depths of a cave to the top of the rapids, this team can be there. Will you be there for them today? Please consider a donation to this vital team on this #GivingTuesday.

Your support on Georgia Gives Day will help us provide:

· Certification for Team members

· Rope for cave and canyon rescues

· Comprehensive medical kits

· GPS navigational systems and walkie-talkies for savings

· Laptop computers with navigational software

· Terrain Navigational Software Systems

· Cartridge guns with canisters for ejecting rope lines for swift water rescues

· Litter for carrying out injured guests

· Incident command boards with T-cards

· Carabiners with grips

· Bandannas for Lost Prevention courses and training

· Wilderness First Responders Training

Funding for the team comes from donations and grants alone! You can make a difference and help them save lives. Give today.