Access for All

Friends believes Georgia's state parks and historic sites are treasures to be shared with everyone regardless of ability or background.  That's why we've chosen to help make them more accessible for all.  Whether it is hiking trails that are easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, short fitness trails to encourage easy access to outdoor exercise or multilingual signage, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy Georgia's most important places.

Signature Project: Expanding Accessibility

We have a passion for parks. Our natural and cultural resources are treasures entrusted to us that require much care and preservation.  This is why Friends is comprised of over 50 chapters throughout the state to equip our parks with teams of volunteers to make a difference in conserving these green spaces for future generations. However, what would our parks be if they couldn’t be enjoyed by all?

Friends is working with volunteers, partners and staff members to make Georgia’s state parks more accessible for you. From...

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