Sprucing Up & Enjoying Vogel

Workdays, building projects, and special events have kept Friends volunteers and site staff at Vogel State Park exceptionally busy this year.  In April, the park’s 18th annual Volunteer Work Day brought over 100 volunteers serving 737 hours of labor for the park.  Renovations to the miniature golf course were completed.  Deteriorating concrete was replaced, numerous areas were painted, and several new decorative flower bins were placed in the park. 

Friends volunteers have also installed a brick walkway, dedicated to corporate sponsors and volunteers who have served over 500 hours at the park.  

Volunteers have been able to spruce up the park with new planting and mulching and even added 30 feet to Memory Walkway.  

Friends hosted the annual CCC Reunion and provided chicken and drinks for the potluck luncheon.   Five of the original “boys” enjoyed sharing their stories with their families and volunteers in attendance. 

Perhaps the largest attended event to date was the annual Kids Fishing Rodeo.  Participants ages 12 and under lined registration where volunteers provided bait, tackle, tee shirts and door prizes for the 300 competitors. 

Thank you Vogel Volunteers for all of your fantastic accomplishments and efforts so far this year!