Governing Documents

There are four documents fundamental to the operation of a chapter.  The documents take precedence in the following order:

  • Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, Inc. Corporate Bylaws
  • Cooperative Agreement between The Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, Inc. and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Division (hereinafter referred to as the Master Agreement)
  • Chapter Agreement between Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites and the chapter
  • Chapter Bylaws/Operating Guidelines

This set of documents governs the operations of chapters and how they interact with the sites they support and with Statewide Friends.  If there are any conflicts between any of these documents, the order of precedence is used to resolve the conflict.

Because these documents are the legal foundation for the corporate entity, compliance is required by state and federal laws. As such, Statewide Friends reserves the right to periodically assess a chapter’s compliance with the terms of each governing document to evaluate whether a chapter continues to meet minimum standards for recognition as a chapter.  In cases where a chapter is found to be out of compliance, Statewide Friends will work with the chapter to provide guidance on addressing the deficiencies.  In rare instances, to protect the statewide entity, recognition as a chapter may be temporarily suspended and assets may be held by Statewide Friends until such time as the chapter qualifies for recertification.  Once a chapter complies with the provisions of the documents and is recertified, the chapter designation will be reinstated and assets returned to the chapter.