Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site

Supported by a local Friends chapter, the Dahlonega Gold Museum helps guests step back into Georgia's rich history. Dahlonega prospered with this mining activity, and a U.S. Branch Mint opened in 1838, coining more than $6 million in gold before closing in 1861. The museum's exhibits include a set of these coins, a nugget weighing more than five ounces, a large hydraulic cannon and nozzle used to blast soil from mountainsides, a film and gift shop. Visitors can also explore the courthouse features, including beautiful wooden chapel seats from 1889 and the judge's chambers. The town of Dahlonega is a popular destination for gold panning, shopping and sightseeing.

Help Preserve Georgia's History

Georgia's rich history is worth preserving and sharing with everyone. This is why Friends is working with donors and partners to raise over $100,000 for renovation and interpretation needs at Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site. Friends is working to incorporate the latest museum standards and technology to the exhibits through renovations and upgrades, further enhancing the interpretation of Georgia's rich history. 

Over the next couple of years, Friends is teaming with local and statewide partners to achieve...

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