SAM Shortline Excursion Train

Supported by a local Friends chapter, the SAM Shortline Train offers a unique experience. The rebirth of passenger trains on the old SAM mainline provides the citizens of Georgia as well as visitors to the state a rare opportunity to travel back in time and experience the romance and excitement of train travel. Rather than read about the region’s historic sites or view traditional exhibits about them in museums, passengers are surrounded by the places themselves as they roll across Crisp and Sumter Counties, stopping at towns which have contributed so much not only to our state’s great history, but also to our nation’s.

Special Story - Friends of SAM Raffle

Friends of SAM Shortline Railroad delivers Trailer to Winner of Raffle


As a fundraising project, Friends of SAM Shortline Railroad raffled a Big Tex utility trailer (manufactured in Cordele, Ga.) with the drawing being held On WSST (Cordele) television station on December 29th, 2020.

The raffle was conducted during the 2020 train schedule with local citizens and train passengers supporting the project with approximately $3000.00 being raised. The funds raised will be...

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