Volunteers at Every Park

Friends believes in the stewardship Georgia's greatest natural and cultural resources.  These important places belong to all of us and it is everyone's responsibility to care for them.  We strive to ensure that every park and every historic site has volunteer resources to call on to help preserve what is best about Georgia and to make it even better for future generations.

Signature Project: Faces of Friends

Caring for one of Georgia’s largest and most popular state parks is no small task but this hasn’t stopped Gary Holsted! Gary is a Friends volunteer at Cloudland Canyon State Park and has been tirelessly volunteering for the past seven years. As the longest serving Friends of Cloudland Canyon Board member, his service goes beyond meetings and fundraising. Gary has been the lead for the 60 miles of trails in the park and has made the park’s trails his passion. He works regularly to restore, build and maintain the park’s 30 miles...

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