Volunteers at Every Park

Friends believes in the stewardship Georgia's greatest natural and cultural resources.  These important places belong to all of us and it is everyone's responsibility to care for them.  We strive to ensure that every park and every historic site has volunteer resources to call on to help preserve what is best about Georgia and to make it even better for future generations.

Signature Project: Your State Parks Day 2015

Free admission in exchange for volunteering is coming up! Friends is sponsoring Your State Parks Day on September 26, 2015 in conjunction with National Public Lands Day. Grab your work gloves and your gardening shovels and help us plant pollinator gardens across the state!

Pollination is a keystone process in our ecosystems and is critical for our food production. We depend on our pollinators to keep our parks beautiful! Unfortunately, our country has seen a significant decline in pollinator populations so we decided to...

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