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Chamber Members: Friends of Crooked River

Dori Brink and Tyler Carpenter, Friends of Crooked River

Tyler has some great advice on the keys to getting the most out of a chamber membership:

  • Participate in as many chamber events as possible, which sometimes is difficult.
  • Get to know the businesses. Find out if there is anything you or your organization can do to help.
  • Follow up with contacts that you meet. A simple email a few days later.
  • Make sure you have a short elevator speech about your organization. Sometimes a minute or two is all you get to make an impression.
  • Use the chamber directory to find businesses if you are looking for something in particular.

Dori shares her tips and experiences about staying involved with the chamber in meaningful ways:

Top Five Tips How to Capitalize on Your Relationship With Your Chamber

  1. Be present - be involved in Chamber events
    Example 1: Friends of Crooked River (FOCRSP), along with one member of Park Staff, attend Commerce and Coffee (hosted by the Chamber) the first Wed of each month. One hour of networking, always held at the same location (Hog-N-Bones Restaurant). Consider donating a door prize to do something at your Park. In July our Park manager gave every business present a coupon for a free round of mini-golf in exchange for their business card.
    Example 2: FOCRSP sends at least one Board member to Chamber sponsored Business After Hours, 3rd Thursday of the month. Shaking hands, kissing babies, wear your Friends best embroidered shirt and don't forget your Friends business card. Each month a different business hosts BAH to spotlight their business. Our Friends Chapter hosted BAH 2 yrs ago, 79 businesses were in attendance. We had a cottage open for tours, as well as open mini-golf and archery. Our interpretive Ranger had a few live animals to meet & greet visitors.
    Example 3: We budgeted for all Board members to attend the annual Chamber Gavel to Gavel Dinner, $80 per ticket this year. Support your Chamber.
  2. Stop by to visit your Chamber on a regular basis. I go monthly.
    Example 1: Take a few native flowers in a bouquet to Chamber staff member who answers your calls for help. Or pick up an extra drink of their choice. A funny balloon from Dollar Tree.
    Example 2: Know your chamber staff by face & name. Be sure to greet them at every event you attend. Be sure to say your name and FRIENDS of . . .
  3. Keep up with what your chamber has planned and be sure to let them know the venues/resources you have available at your Park to handle their event or project.
    Example 1: Our Chamber has used our Group Shelter for team building conferences for businesses, Leadership Camden Kick-off Dinner, etc.
    Example 2:Don't be afraid to offer a hand or suggestions that your Park has to offer. i.e. purchase your day pass in advance - I will be happy to hand those out as your guests arrive.
    Example 3: I happen to know our Chamber CEO has a soft spot for mentally & physically challenged adults. I make sure she knows what programming we can do at the Park for a fun day out and suggest a time to do it.
  4. Include the Chamber in your advertising.
    A quick one liner at the end of a page stating your Friends Chapter is proud to be a dues paying member of the Chamber for 7 years.
  5. Ask questions - Engage. How can the Chamber help promote the Park?
    Example 1: Know what economic impact your park makes on your community. Chamber is about business. Our Park is many things and often times we forget our Park provides a lifeline to our communities, through economic impact, as well as all the gems you can feel & see.
    Example 2: Is your profile updated on the Chamber website? Ask HOW if you are not familiar with it.
    Example 3: Do you actively use the Chamber website? Ask the Chamber how to be better at using the tools they provide.