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Chamber Members: Friends of Laura Walker

Mike & Dawn Hanson, Friends of Laura Walker

Mike and Dawn shared some of the major benefits their chapter and park have received by working directly with their chamber of commerce and being members.

  1. Our relationship with the CVB helped us get 1000 of our park brochures printed FREE OF CHARGE. In full color. Because the printer likes what we are doing for the park.
  2. The local cable company always attends the chamber events, as do we. When we have something going on, they've told us to email them and they run a crawler on the weather channel for several days in advance of our event at no charge. A PSA!
  3. The Chamber puts out a "Friday Flyer" with the things that are going on in the community for the next 7-10 days. We always have our events listed there and that flyer goes out to every chamber member in the county, as well as to other Chambers in the state.
  4. Our Chamber holds monthly Rise-N-Shine breakfasts at different businesses. While there, we all are given about 45 seconds to give our name and one thing going on with our business. Since both Mike & I attend, we are able to get in two things going on out at the park!
  5. We have hosted both a Business After Hours (BAH) and a couple Rise-N-Shines and brought a lot of business owners/managers out to the park who haven't visited for a long time. they always end up coming back out with their families!

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