The Solo Adventurer’s Guide to...A.H. Stephens!

Cabin behind the main house at A.H. Stephens Historic Site

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Is there really anything better to do by yourself than visit a museum? Located in Crawfordville Georgia, A.H. Stephens stands out as a beautifully preserved piece of history in an otherwise normal town. Walking up to the fully furnished 1875 home, take a look at the statue of Georgia’s 50th Governor, Alexander Stephens. Do you notice anything? There’s a finger missing! According to the assistant manager, the statue is somewhat of a local legend. Almost every family in Crawfordville has some story about what happened to the finger, some even claim to still have it though I was assured it is safely kept inside the museum.

Before you enter the museum, walk around the grounds if you’re able to visit in May or June, be sure to savor the smell of the large Southern Magnolia trees on the front lawn.

Around the back of the lot is a fenced patch of grass. In the back corner of the patch is a grave for A.H. Stephen’s best friend, Rio. You can also see several smaller buildings which make up the estate. Finally, check out the main house!

I could have spent hours in the house just looking at the floor! Without closely inspecting it, the floor looks just like tile but look closer. The wooden boards are hand painted to imitate red and black tile. Each room in the house has its own character and history. One of my favorite parts of the house is the art hanging on the walls. Several of the paintings were done by Alexander Stephens himself! Then there are the hair and wax sculptures which were macabre and wonderful. The upstairs bedrooms contain several examples of period decorating and each has its own story.

Inside the museum, I recommend taking as long as you can to absorb the information in front of you. As I am going through pictures I took for this article I’m noticing even more things I didn’t see my first time through. Like with most museums flash photography is not allowed but be sure to take some non-flash photos!

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