The Volunteers At Your Park

Blakely, Ga. is home to Kolomoki Mounds State Park, the oldest and largest Woodland Indian site in the southeastern United States. It is also home to Friends of Kolomoki Mounds State Park. Chairperson Colleen Perdue, Vice-Chair Celia Bostwick, Secretary Angie Wilson, and Treasurer Stella Smith, along with an army of other Friends volunteers, dedicated 1400 hours at the park in 2018.


This Friends chapter and volunteers stay busy year-round assisting Park Manager Lauren Bryant and Assistant Manager Tyler Sims, in keeping their park in pristine condition and educating the public on the history and importance of preserving Kolomoki Mounds. Along with education, Friends of KolomokiMounds supports the park in making sure park visitors are entertained while visiting. With Jr. Ranger Day Camp Programs, Pontoon Boat Tours, and Star Gazing, you are sure to find loads of fun and education programs. The fantastic group dedicated 1400 volunteer hours to the park in 2018.


In 2016 Mrs. TyAnn Houston speared the Little Library project and two months later it was brought to fruition. Friends of Kolomoki Mounds has built a trusted and standing relationship with several local businesses. Some of their sponsors include Payton Animal Hospital, Blakely Fitness Center, Piggly Wiggly, and Bank of Early.


To see all activities taking place at Kolomoki Mounds State Parks visit, If you’re interested in obtaining more information about Friends of Kolomoki Mounds State Park or would like to volunteer with them, you may contact the chapter at

Follow Friends of Kolomoki Mounds on Facebook, and be sure to check back for all that’s happening at the park and with the Friends group.