Cycling the Trails

Most visitors to Georgia state parks hit the trails in anticipation of their hiking adventures or for a leisure stroll on a sunny afternoon. However, many of Georgia’s state parks offer miles of designated bike trails perfect for cyclists of every level.

With your Friends membership in hand and park pass hanging from your rear-view mirror, you can enjoy the many state parks bike trails for free. Grab your bike helmet and make your first stop Crooked River State Park. Crooked River not only offers bike trails, but this coastal park offers bike rentals as well for those who enjoy the sport but don’t have their own bicycle. Fort Mountain offers 27 miles of bike trails and Unicoi offers more mountainous terrain and difficult bends along with gorgeous scenic overlooks for those who are ready for a true biking challenge.


Watson Mill Bridge is a great place to start for beginner or intermediate cyclists with its 2.5 mile loop trail. Tullulah Gorge offers bike trails suitable for cyclists of every level. With their 1.7 mile paved trail in addition to their 20 miles of mountainous bike trails, this state park will certainly provide daring challenges on your next biking voyage.

For dedicated fans of the sport, join the Muddy Spokes Club sponsored by Georgia State Parks. By completing the 68 total miles of trails at eleven designated state parks, bikers have the opportunity to earn a tee shirt along with hours of fantastic memories that could be shared with family members or friends. CLICK HERE to learn more about this club and find out how you can register.


The list doesn't end there; seventeen of your Georgia state parks and historic sites offer biking opportunities with trails of various difficulty levels. Next time you are ready to plan your biking trip or just need an afternoon of exercise, check out these wonderful options. Visit these parks online to find the level of difficulty. Inclement weather can greatly affect the condition of the trails, so we recommend calling the parks in advance for all of your inquiries.