Friends of Laura Walker State Park feed the Evacuees of Dorian

Picnic shelter at Laura Walker

     The Friends of Laura Walker State Park in Waycross jumped in to help feed a full campground of Hurricane Dorian Evacuees on Wednesday, September 4.  They were all treated to hot pancakes, sausage links, fresh milk, juice, coffe and fellowship.  We fed well over 100 people from all over the east coast.  The DNR had also sent several employees to LWSP to await further instructions for the clean up effort after the storm.  This gave them a chance to relax and not have to worry quite as much as they had been.  Most just threw a few things in their campers and took off, not knowing what the next 48 hours held for their properties.  All were thankful and we re-affirmed that it's truly better to give than to receive.