Reporting Requirements

Statewide Friends imposes very few limitations on the authority of chapters to operate autonomously.  Beyond adherence to the binding documents mentioned in Chapter Organization, chapters are free to support their designated site as their leadership and the site manager see fit.  However, there are some reporting requirements that must be met in order for a chapter to continue as a part of the overall organization.

Annual Financials

As mentioned in the Financials section, a chapter must submit records of its income and expenses to the parent organization annually.  Financials should be submitted prior to August 1 for the previous fiscal year.  For example, on August 1, 2009, the financial reports for the fiscal year July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009 are to be submitted.  Early submission is encouraged.  This date allows time for the preparation of the tax return for the parent organization.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hour logs are to be submitted no less than quarterly.  Some chapters find it easier to submit volunteer hours monthly and are welcome to do so.  The schedule for submission of volunteer hours is as follows:

Suggested Due Dates for volunteer hours
Due Date Reporting Period
April 10 January 1 - March 31
July 10 April 1 - June 30
October 10 July 1 -September 30
January 10 October 1 - December 31

Volunteer hour reports must be certified by the site manager via signature or e-mail approval.


Contact Information

In order for the Friends organization as a whole to be able to operate effectively and efficiently, it is critical that Statewide Friends have accurate contact information for all chapter leaders.  Swift and accurate communication relies on the accuracy of the information on file.  Therefore, it is vital that Statewide Friends be updated when any contact information changes for any chapter officer or when a new individual takes office within a chapter.  E-mail is an incredibly powerful and efficient tool for quick and inexpensive communication with chapter leaders.  Therefore, in addition to an accurate address and phone number, an e-mail address is also requested for each chapter leader.

Accomplishments and News

Friends produces several pieces of media each year in addition to our web site.  Celebrating the accomplishments of chapters is one of the critical purposes of our newsletters, web sites and press releases to the media.  Pictures of events, projects, donations, and activities are all important in spreading the word about what Friends is doing to promote, protect and partner with the state parks and historic sites.  Even the smallest of accomplishments can make for great stories in our newsletter and other publications.  Chapters are encouraged to submit any and all information via e-mail to Statewide Friends at

Submit any news, accomplishments, pictures, events and activities so they can be published in newsletters, on web sites and in other materials. Submit your news via e-mail to: