Chapter Packs

Statewide Friends has produced templates for common printed materials needed for operating a chapter.  To prevent each chapter spending time creating their own printed materials, templates have been created for business cards, letterhead and newsletters that can all be downloaded and customized to the individual.  

Chapter packs are available through the Chapter Services portion of the Friends website.  



As mentioned in the marketing section of this handbook, each chapter has its own customized logo.  Electronic, downloadable versions of the logos are available in the Chapter Pack in two versions.  One version has a white background, the other is transparent.  The transparent background can be useful on web sites and is useful in electronic publications.  The white background version is also available for printed matter.

Banners & Signs

Information for ordering the banners referred to in the marketing section of this handbook can also be found in the chapter pack.  In the future, other banners or marketing signs may also be available.

Business Cards

A business card template for each active chapter has been created.  The cards are designed to be printed on home printers using business card stock available at most office supply stores.  The cards can be customized for anyone in the chapter who needs to make contact information easily available to others.


A sample letter of thanks is available for each chapter.  It has been customized with the chapter logo and offers a sample of what should appear in a thank you letter to a donor.   The text of the template can also be completely deleted to produce simple, blank letterhead for any purpose.


A newsletter template has been created for chapters who would like to produce a newsletter for their members but lack the time to create one.  The newsletter complies with the style guide and gives helpful tips on how to create an engaging newsletter.