Registered Volunteers

The Division maintains a database of registered volunteers who have completed the registration process with the state.  Regular volunteers are encouraged to register.

Who does NOT need to register?

Friends (or other civic or corporate group) volunteers do not need to register if they are participating in an organized, Friends sponsored project or program.  For example, if you have a volunteer that loves to come out for your organized trail cleanup days but doesn’t participate in other programs or projects, they don’t need to register.   In another example, your chapter may have groups of re-enactors who help out with several special events throughout the year.  As long as they are helping with a Friends sponsored/organized activity, they are not required to register.

The above exceptions would apply to any volunteers assisting your chapter with programs or projects organized or sponsored by the chapter.

In some cases, a site manager may request a volunteer register even if they meet the criteria above.  This is up to each site manager and is handled on a case by case basis.


Who must register?

Individual volunteers include those who work at the park or historic site independent of Friends sponsored or organized projects or programs.  Individual volunteers working more than forty hours per year or more than once per month need to register. For example, if you are a chapter leader and you are often at the park helping out with various functions like preparing for a project, helping care for animals or other miscellaneous duties that are not considered organized events, programs or projects and are not under direct supervision of park staff, you would need to register.  In addition, all hosts (campground, golf or train) must also register.

Become a Registered Volunteer online at  Look for the Volunteer Menu and choose Getting Started for more information and to register.


What is involved?

The registration process is fairly straightforward for volunteers.  Online registration can be found at  Upon registration, individuals must pay a processing fee of $15 which is reimbursable from the chapter.  A background check good for three years will be completed and the volunteer will be notified once the registration process is complete.

Registration Fee Reimbursement

The annual registration fee of $15 is reimbursable from Statewide Friends.  Individuals should pay the fee directly and then be reimbursed by the chapter.

For chapters registering multiple volunteers, each individual should complete the registration process but skip the payment portion.  Then, the chapter will forward a list of those registered along with a check covering the fees for that number of individuals.  The registration process will proceed once the fees are received by the State Volunteer Coordinator.  

A chapter may then submit a list of registered volunteers to Statewide Friends for reimbursement.  100% of the cost of annual registrations will be paid directly to the chapters.  

Volunteer Insurance

Through the state’s volunteer program, a supplemental coverage insurance policy is available to registered volunteers which provides additional insurance should a volunteer be injured in the performance of his/her duties as a volunteer.  More information about the supplemental insurance can be provided by the state Volunteer Coordinator.  Any coverages provided through the DNR would be supplemental to coverage already provided by Statewide Friends.