Friends Restores a State Treasure

If you have visited Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site in the past year or two, you may have noticed the dilapidated condition of the outside of this beautiful historic building. This site’s treasure is not only the rich artifacts housed here, but the building itself is a treasure: an 1836 county courthouse, the oldest courthouse in Georgia. It is worthwhile to simply visit this incredible, historic building and be enriched by the history and beauty found from the inside out! 

The extent of the richness of this site is not lost on the local Friends volunteers.  This is why Friends of Georgia State Parks decided to fund replacing the site’s shutters. Some were cracked, some had peeling paint, some were falling from their hinges, and others were missing entirely. Replacing and repairing the shutters was not only a matter of esthetic appeal, but restoration became a critical need as the historical integrity and value was jeopardized. 

During your next visit, take note of the history and artifacts inside, and the beauty of this historic building.  Friends has done extensive work in replacing shutters, replacing the heating and cooling system, and many other projects. However, there is always more to be done.  Before you leave, ask about this Friends chapter's current projects how you can help make a difference at this site through volunteer or financial assistance.  Your support is truly apprecaited.