2011 Matching Grants Program

Friends of Georgia State Parks is pleased to announce the 2011 Matching Grants Program.  Thanks to our over 18,000 member households across the state, Friends was able to begin a matching grants program in 2010.  The program offers funding to our chapters to help make much needed improvements at their respective sites.  In 2010, we awarded over $100,000 which was matched by fundraising at the chapter level to result in almost $200,000 worth of improvements statewide.

Chapters like Friends of Seminole (pictured above) chose to refurbish their miniature golf course by replacing all the greens, resurfacing the walks and sprucing up the area.  At Little Ocmulgee, the Friends chapter repaved the campground road eliminating hazardous potholes and making the whole area look much better.  (See the article: Friends of Little Ocmulgee pave the way).



This year, we expect that chapters will be applying for grants for similar projects. As budget cuts have continued, parks around the state have been forced to continue deferring maintenance and repairs.  There is now a backlog of over $100 million in repairs and maintenance throughout the system.

You can help this valuable program by making a donation to Friends.  Our grants program provides chapters with the necessary funds to complete these important projects.  Consider a donation today to help with this critical initiative.