Making A Difference

Often times when we make donations, we choose worthy causes that truly need our help yet we’re not sure what happens with our contributions. One thing can be certain, Friends of Georgia State Park and Historic Sites need your help and your contributions directly benefit your state parks and historic sites.

Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites is a non-profit organization, which means that we are an organization created to directly support and give back to Georgia’s state parks and historic sites, providing in ways in which they may not be able to themselves. Our 501©3 status means that we are recognized not only by our community, but also the national government as a charitable organization and are held accountable to our commitment and mission to partner, promote, and preserve Georgia’s state parks and historic sites.

What does this mean for you and your community? It means that every time you make a contribution to the Friends, your support directly benefits state parks and historic sites. Contributions go towards funding projects and programs that are needed at various parks and sites. This is accomplished through Friends chapters throughout the state that work diligently to directly help their respective sites with their greatest needs. Whether it is providing for much-need materials for a program, funding building projects, or preserving the site through maintenance projects, it is the Friends volunteers who work directly with site managers and staff to provide for the sites greatest needs.

It is through your membership and contributions that fund the Friends Matching Grants Program. This program is available to every Friends chapter and it is their opportunity to work on long-term projects at their respective sites that may not otherwise get accomplished. Chapter leaders are able to collaborate with site managers in order to plan projects that are the most needed which will directly benefit the needs of both the site and the visitors. Your participation does matter and your support is appreciated by not only Friends volunteers, but by Georgia’s state parks and historic sites as well.