Easter Weekend Volunteers

 submitted by: Larry Wheat

Eleven volunteers donated their time and effort to further the creation of equestrian trails and facilities at the Chattahoochee Bend State Park (CBSP) on Saturday, April 7th. The following folks walked the forest and flagged 0.8 miles of future trail located near the planned equestrian trailhead: Cheryl Reed, Libby Parham, Dana Wicher, Cathe McKinnon, Debby Bishop, Diana Wilson, Deanna McMurrain, and Larry Wheat. Libby was our clinometer technician for the day, keeping the trail grade within modern trail design specifications.

Later in the day Janell Jones, Ronny Jones, Becky Morris, Cathe McKinnon, and Larry Wheat walked the designated area for the future equestrian parking lot/trailhead. Ronny added his construction expertise and we agreed on the preferred location for the parking area. Janell and her trailhead team will continue to evaluate the optimum layout and then flag the trailhead for later DNR approval.

Our next scheduled trail flagging day is Saturday, May 19th. We will probably schedule a mid-week day before then to give additional volunteers the opportunity to enjoy layout of a future trail.