Canoe at Elijah Clark!

Located on the eastern shores of Georgia, Elijah Clark State Park is perhaps most famously known for fishing and boating access. Even the swimming beach is an added welcome, particularly during warm, summer months. As boating and water recreation increases with popularity among park guests, this park's Friends chapter took the initiative to take on a project to welcome more guests to enjoy one of this park's greatest feature.

With the help of State Friends, Friends of Elijah Clark State Park was able to purchase 10 canoes, paddles, and lifejackets for their favorite site. Park visitors, anxious to enjoy the beautiful Clarks Hill Lake, are able to rent these boats from the park's Day Use area. A canoe rack was also constructed, thanks to Friends. By providing added recreational opportunities, park visitors have more recreational opportunities and the park has a new source of much-needed revenue through rental fees to help sustain operations.

Friends also hopes to teach beginner level canoe lessons to ensure water safety and instill a greater passion for the lake among visitors.

In addition to canoes, Elijah Clark was also in great need of a hay ride trailer in order to transport their mowers and provide hayrides for park guests. Thanks to the generous contribution from Friends, Elijah Clark acquired the equipment they needed for site maintenance and has reduced fuel usage within the park. The trailers are also an added resource for future hayride programs, particularly during Elijah Clark's Colonial Christmas program.

Thank you to all who have made generous contributions to Friends of Elijah Clark. Your contributions are making a great difference for not only the site as a whole, but for guests who frequent this park. For more information about Elijah Clark State Park, CLICK HERE.