Geocaching: An Exciting Treasure Hunt for Everyone!

This ever-growing activity is perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts who are ready for a time of outdoor exploration combined with the convenience of modern technology. These treasure hunters explore both state parks and historic sites, following a GPS in search of caches.  There are now 46 caches in 43 state parks as far north as Cloudland Canyon to as far south as Skidaway Island and even 14 historic sites on History Trail have joined in the fun!

Every age can participate and this can be done as a group or individually. 

For first-time hunters, start out by downloading the Geo-Challenge Pass Port or the Grid Sheet.  Then get the GPS coordinates for your Georgia State Parks at  Finally, start your search! Don’t forget, when you find a Geo-Challenge cache, take a trinket from the caches but leave something of greater or equal value behind for the next treasure hunter.  You can then log your experience with the Grid Sheet or PassPort you previously downloaded and share your experiences on our Facebook Page!

Good Luck and Happy Caching!