Chapters in Action - Fall 2013

Application Deadline - November 1, 2013

The Fall 2013 Chapters in Action funding cycle is underway. Below, in the attachments section, you will find links to the application as well as the report form for any funds you have already received in other cycles. As a reminder, we must have received your reports in order for your chapter to receive funds in the current cycle.

Since applications must be approved by the region manager prior to the deadline, try to have your completed application to your region manager by October 15.

Here is some background information and other important information about the program.

The Chapters in Action (CIA) Funding Program replaces the previous matching grants program and is designed to encourage major projects geared toward sustainability. Please review the information below to learn about the program, guidelines for project selection and the process for applying for funding.


The Chapters in Action (CIA) funding program is designed to provide chapters with funding for major projects, programs or enhancements. The goal is to create a major funding source that, when combined with chapter matching funds, can help accomplish larger projects that affect state parks or historic sites in meaningful ways.

Funding Amounts

The Board of Directors for Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites has allocated $50,000 per funding cycle. Funding cycles will run approximately six months apart. Proposals from chapters currently receiving funding will be considered after awards have been determined for chapters that are not currently funded.


Chapters may apply for funding provided they have substantially expended funds from any previous cycles and have submitted the appropriate reports summarizing the prior project(s). If an application is made but funding is not received, the chapter may re-apply with the same or a new application in the next funding cycle.

Funding levels and matching funds

CIA Funding is available up to $5,000 per application. The minimum chapter match for funding is 1:4 (e.g. a chapter requesting funding of $4,000 must provide at least $1,000 in matching funds). However, chapters are strongly encouraged to match funds at a higher level. Matching funds can be from the chapter treasury, obtained through fundraising specific to the project, and/or may be made up of value in-kind donations. Chapters are required to document the matching fund source(s) within the application. Volunteer hours from the chapter may not be used to fund the match.

The amount and source of matching funds will be a factor in deciding which projects are funded. An application that provides funding from external sources (beyond the revenue sharing an VIP payments from Statewide Friends) will be judged more favorably.

Project Selection

Funding proposals may “bundle” several projects together provided they all meet the criteria for funding. Site managers and chapters should select projects that increase the financial sustainability of the site. Projects should be focused on revenue generation, increased visitation or maintenance and repair. Chapters and site managers are encouraged to select a project that directly addresses goals or projects outlined in site’s D15 plan.

Chapters and site managers will work together to select a project that must then be approved by the region manager prior to submission.

Once approved by the region manager, applications will be submitted to the Chapters in Action committee (made up of Statewide Friends board members and Division representatives) for selection.

The completed application and any additional information should be sent no later than November 1, 2013 to:

Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites
Attn: CIA Funding Program
199 S. Erwin St., Suite 100
Cartersville, GA 30120
Or fax to: 770-383-8920