Boating at Reed Bingham

Resting along a 375-acre lake,{tip Reed Bingham State Park::Reed Bingham is less than six miles from I-75 in Adele, Georgia}Reed Bingham State Park{/tip} attracts many boaters and anglers along with an abundance of wildlife, including gopher tortoises, turtles, limpkins, and even an occasional bald eagle. With such an active lake, it has become vitally important to this state park and its Friends chapter to ensure that park guests have the opportunity to truly enjoy the lake and its surrounding wildlife.

Boating is particularly important to this park, as it has acquired two pontoon boats along with several kayaks and canoes. However, it was eminent that storage was needed for these boats, so Friends of Reed Bingham, in partnership with Friends of Georgia State Parks, built a kayak/canoe shelter as well as a pontoon boat storage shelter for safety and protection.  

Many collaborated efforts from both Friends and DNR staff went into making this project such a success. A great "thank you" is extended to all those who worked so hard helping with this project. 

For more information about Friends of Reed Bingham State Park, join their Facebook group and visit this great, south-Georgia park and discover how you can become involved with supporting this great site. You can also visit for more information about upcoming events and attractions at Reed Bingham State Park