Friends of Tugaloo: Sowing Seeds & Making a Difference

Resting in northeastern Georgia overlooking Lake Hartwell (a 55,590-acre lake) is Tugaloo State Park. The scenic vistas and lake access draw many visitors ready to enjoy summer swimming, boating, and fishing. However, when erosion problems near the boat ramps set in, Friends of Tugaloo took action to help remedy the problem.

Through combined funds from chapter coffers and assistance from State Friends, Friends of Tugaloo State Park was able to minimize erosion, particularly through hydroseeding and adding topsoil. Seating terraces were also built as added precautions for preventing future problems as well as a great area for park guests to sit and enjoy the lake view.

Friends of Tugaloo continue to support their site with on-going projects and are making plans for additional tree planting in the coming year. For more information about Tugaloo State Park, visit and don't forget to visit this beautiful park to see the other projects and programs that Friends of Tugaloo are doing to support their site.