Odwalla Teams With Georgia State Parks To Make A Difference

Odwalla is joining with Georgia State Parks in order to facilitate a greener future.   Through taking initiative, Odwalla chose to do their part in supporting the environment and to help with important reforestation and planting.  Now through the end of August, Georgians can visit www.odwalla.com/plantatree and with a simple click of their mouse, are able to designate a tree to be planted through the Odwalla Plant a Tree program.


This program is of particular interest to Georgia residents in light of recent, devastating storms. Odwalla has promised to donate $100,000 worth of trees to be planted across the country through the Odwalla Plant a Tree program, which will be planted according to the preferences of the website visitors. In Georgia, trees will be planted in areas that were struck by the recent tornados as well as areas where pine beetle infestation or other damage has taken place. Planting will begin in the Fall of 2011 and the particular species of donated trees will vary according to region.


Odwalla has three main objectives: make great juice, do good things for the community, and to build a business with a heart. As they continue to strive in bringing good nutrition through their variety of juice drinks, smoothies, protein drinks, and nutrition bars throughout the country, their Plant a Tree program directly correlates to their mission of doing good for their community.  


Don’t waste any time; vote for Georgia! The process takes seconds and is very simple. Make sure to visit www.odwalla.com/plantatree, select Georgia, and follow the three easy steps in making Georgia a brighter, greener place.


If you are interested in Odwalla’s products, you can find their beverages and food bars in natural food stores and select supermarkets throughout the country.