Georgia Traveler Comes to Georgia State Parks

As the Georgia Traveler heads into their 5th season, all-new episodes will be airing, including a feature of your Georgia state parks! The new season premiers Saturday, October 15 at 7pm and Sunday, October 16 at 7pm.  As the shows co-hosts, David Zelski and Michelle DeShields, explore Georgia, they will be making visits to Providence Canyon, also known as “Geogia’s Little Grand Canyon.”  The massive ravines found here reach 150 feet and were caused by poor farming practices during the 1800s.  However, the beauty found at Providence Canyon is striking, particularly during the autumn season, with the vibrant hues of the soft canyon soil. The landscape found here is truly picturesque, and you’ll find how a past disaster turned into a place of beauty, loved and appreciated by thousands.   


In addition, Georgia Outdoors will encore with “A Legacy of Land” on October 15 as host, Sharon Collins, visits Panola Mountain State Park.  Collins will take part in the “Z’s In the Trees” program and experiences the adventure of an overnight stay in the trees!