Step 1: The Rules

2012 Video Contest Rules

Please click here to download and read the Official Rules for the video contest.

We look forward to your submission for the video contest.  Please remember to follow all the rules.  

There are a few rules worth highlighting in plain English here:

- You may not violate any copyrights in the making of your video.  If you use something (music, pictures, videos, etc.) that belongs to someone else, get their permission.  We may ask you to prove you have the rights to the content of your video.

- Don't break any laws or safety rules!  Remember, kids under 16 must wear bike helmets when on a bike in Georgia.  If you send us a video of little Tommy riding through the campground without a helmet, we won't be able to use your video.

- Your video must be about Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites managed by the Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  For a list of these properties, visit  This means that national parks, Stone Mountain, Jekyll Island, city and community parks are not included.

- Submitted videos will become the property of Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites.  We will be publishing videos on our YouTube channel and elsewhere.  We reserve the right to make minor edits to your video or to extract clips for inclusion in other videos.  Don't worry though, we will only use your videos to highlight the importance of state parks and historic sites and to support our mission. 

Once you've read and agree to all of these rules, you're ready to move on to Step 2: Downloading Forms and Resources.

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