Step 3: Creating your Video

There are many great tools you can use to create your video.  Windows and Mac based computers both come with video editing software pre-installed.  On Windows, you can use MovieMaker (pre-installed on most Windows PC's).  It comes in several different flavors but they are all very similar and allow you to add still images, video and music or narration.  On the Mac, you can use iMovie.  Current and older versions of iMovie are available pre-installed on most Macs and have very similar feature sets.

If you don't have either of these or want to find something else, the Internet is a great resource for open-source (free) video editing software.  Feel free to use whatever tool you like.  Just make sure the final output is in a common video format (such as .wmv, .avi, .mov or .mpg)

Adding Music

Music is a great way to enhance your video.  However, its also the most common copyright violation.  Be sure you're using music of your own creation or that you have permission to use.  If you're on a MAC, GarageBand has hundreds of pre-installed music clips that you can mix and match to create just the right sound.  These are all free and safe to use for your video.  If you want music from somehwere else, you can search the Internet for "podsafe" music and find many resources for free or inexpensive music clips.  Just make sure the license says you are free to use it.  We may ask you to identify the music and prove that it is safe for use.

Filming your Video

Your video can be comprised of full-motion video, still pictures in a slide show format, animation or any combination thereof.  We'd prefer large, HD videos but don't run out and buy special equipment.  Many smartphones take high enough quality video and pictures.  Use what you have and focus on the creative side.

Make sure to avoid including "product placement" shots.  We can't use your video if it has clearly identifiable brands or companies.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Not only is this an opportunity to win great prizes, its a great chance to get outdoors with family and enjoy a special project together.  Creativity, remember, is one of the judging components.

Have FUN!

If you've finished your video and are ready to enter, proceed to Step 4: Entry Form

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