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A simple click can make a huge difference.  The official Your State Parks Day event is published on Facebook.  Click here to open it up.  Then, ready for this, with a click of the "Share" button, you make a difference!  Go ahead.  Click it.

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Twitter - RT, RT, RT! #GaStateParksDay

Over the next few weeks, and especially as the event draws closer, we will be sending tweets to help build excitement! You can help us by retweeting to all your followers!  We'll be using the hashtag #GAStateParksDay.  Keep an eye out for it or even go ahead and store it in your favorite twitter client!

Plus, twitter is a great way to tell people ahead of time that you'll be participating.  Create a buzz and be the first of your Friends to commit to making a difference on Your State Parks Day!


Here are some suggested tweets for you with our hashtag already included.  Just copy and paste them right into Twitter:

Sept 27 is #GaStateParksDay. Join #volunteer projects & fun events for free at 60+ state parks & historic sites. FriendsofGaStateParks.org

I’ll be making a difference on #GaStateParksDay on Sept. 27. Will you? Free admission @GAStateParks FriendsOfGaStateParks.org

On Your State Parks Day, we will be live tweeting from all over the state!  Want to join in?  Just use our hashtag #GAStateParksDay and join in the conversation.  Tweet photos, invite friends and spread the word.

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