New Equestrian Barn for AH Stephens

Building the Barn

March was a busy time around the New Equestrian Barn. We had a couple of volunteers give over 60 hours preparing for the Georgia DNR Equestrian Workday March 9 which was well attended by 25 enthusiastic and energized individuals. The great thing about this group is that the majority camp and ride here and it was good to see folks giving back. These volunteers gave a total of 184.5 hours. We were also thrilled to have a DNR Representative, not from the park, come and work with us, Brian Nichols. In addition, we had representation from the community. These individuals gave a full, hard day! Park Manager, Andre McLendon, and Sr. Ranger, Michael Johnson, were instrumental in all that was accomplished. A special thanks to Camp Host Jerry.

Many groups and organizations were present: Back Country Horsemen of Middle and South Georgia, Back Country Horsemen of North Georgia, CTHA, Kel-Mac, and Friends volunteers at A. H. Stephens Historic Park.

Other goals and tasks of the day included trail maintenance, painting picnic tables, grills to all campsites, work on drainage problems, and hauling, tampering dirt, and cutting and laying mats to ten stalls, ground grooming and the completion of two more campsites.


Poker Ride for Equestrian Trails Fundraiser
April 13 was a gorgeous day that brought many trail riders to the park for this benefit. Not only did we fill the campground and barn, many folks just came for the day. After all was said and done, we benefited around $1,000.00 for the day. We THANK all of the individuals who came and made an awesome contribution to the park. We feel very fortunate of the support we receive from the Equestrian Community. They have made a valuable and mark difference to the Equestrian Campground, Barn, and Trails!