Brilliant Transformations Thanks to Volunteers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good kayaking tour or nature hike? Thanks to Friends of Hard Labor Creek, they are making these excursions possible in addition to their landscaping projects, volunteer workdays, and historic preservation projects with a special focus on the park’s CCC history. This crew of dedicated volunteers is working tirelessly for the preservation and enhancement of this very special park in Rutledge, GA and we couldn’t be more proud of their efforts! Not all volunteer work is glamorous. In fact, sometimes it’s the dirty projects that seem quite unappealing at times that are the most critical ways in which Friends supports Georgia’s state parks and historic sites. However, when you have a great group of friends and family coming together with smiles and good cheer, just about any project turns into a day of fun! That’s what is happening with our Friends group at Hard Labor Creek. Currently, volunteers are working on the graveling of an Event Area Parking lot located in a former logging area of the park. With lots of hands to make the work light, the area is being transformed into a wonderful area to safely park your vehicles and everyone is having a great time in the process. The space also allowed for the first Dirty Spokes Trail Run in the fall of 2014.

This isn’t all. Friends was also able to finance the building of a large kayak storage shed near the beach. Kayak and nature tours led by the park’s naturalist are growing in popularity and the new facility allows for advancing these special programs. With future funding, Friends hopes to also add ADA accessible docks, fishing piers and kayak launching facilities (EZ Launch) to make the area a safe, accessible area for everyone! Other 2015 projects and programs include the Valentines Romance Rides in February 2015, the Preserve the Water Wheel annual golf tournament in April 2015, and expansion of the CCC Museum and ADA trail. It’s truly remarkable what many hands and your financial support can do for the preservation and enhancement of your community. Thank you for your support throughout 2015. For more information about our Friends chapter at Hard Labor Creek State Park, check out their Facebook page.