Mini Golf - New & Improved!

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Reed Bingham State Park in Adel, Georgia? Most visitors are anxious to see the 375-acre lake and the abundant wildlife native to the area. Gopher tortoises, spotted turtles, limpkins, indigo snakes and even nesting bald eagles are all common. Even the American alligator likes to make an appearance from time to time! Camping, boating, fishing, kayaking, and playing mini golf are all favorite pastimes at this beloved park. However, if you and your family have tried enjoying a competitive round of mini golf during the wet season, good luck! Drainage problems have led to standing water on the course, which has also contributed to a more rapid deterioration of the facility. Fortunately, thanks to Friends, extensive renovations are now complete! Friends has worked together to replace the course carpet and tee mats. New hole cups now adorn the course, a fresh coat of pain brightens the area and old obstacles have been repaired. In fact, Friends added four new obstacles to the course as a bonus! Now you and your family can enjoy this beautiful course with convenient score card holders and new lighting. Stay tuned! Friends of Reed Bingham hope to organize a mini golf tournament during 2015 to celebrate their accomplishments and welcome you to try out the new course. Feedback from users is already favorable as folks are particularly enjoying the ability to play at night now that there is new lighting on the course. Thanks our Friends members and volunteers who made these extensive renovations possible and who are working so hard to better enhance the enjoyment of all guests.