Outdoor Discovery & Environmental Education

Friends believes our natural resources are our greatest assets in cultivating healthy communities and sustainable futures. This is why we work with families and individuals in developing a deeper understanding of the environment and the outdoors, including fostering relationships with the natural world.  Families, especially children, who experience dynamic nature-based play, participate in problem solving and seek opportunities to make a difference in their communities reap the myriad benefits that come with experiencing nature. 

Signature Project: Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2017 is coming Saturday, April 22 is our global opportunity to show our support for environmental protection. Of course, the first step in supporting the environment is to get outdoors and start enjoying it! We hope this Earth Day, you will deepen your appreciation and love for the outdoors and perhaps even enjoy our top 5 favorite ways of enjoying Earth Day 2017:

5. Paddling! 
Georgia's state parks are prime access ways to Georgia's gorgeous rivers, lakes and streams. As the weather gets warm, you just...

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