Get Fit AND Have Fun?

In an age of instantaneous responses and self-gratification, many of us still find it difficult to find the time or the stamina to take care of our bodies and live a holistic approach to life.Our doctors have reminded us to eat more antioxidants, eat less nutrient deficient white bread, and switch to leaner proteins rather than red meats.Although we may desire to eat more healthfully and even have a basic understanding of the “cans” and “cannots,” we are sure to fail after a short amount of time without a basic foundation, namely support and goals, in place.

The same rules apply to our physical lives.We know how many hours a week we need to exercise and we know we have sufficient, necessary supplies, but without plans, goals, and support, it is difficult to reach our successful point.What, then, could possibly help?

Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites offer countless opportunities for individuals of all ages who are ready to enjoy life and the world around them. Park adventures are enjoyable experiences rather than dreaded exercises.Wild animals and changing plans are a welcomed distraction down the countless miles of trails.Even the fresh smells in the air are always a welcomed surprise bringing reinvigorating force.

Many parks have boat rentals.Rowing is wonderful exercise yet the distraction of the glistening water and occasional fish will more closely resemble hours of entertainment rather than hours of demanding exercise.Swimming beaches and pools are also found at many parks.

Bike trails are available to for those who are ready for a rigorous challenge, as well as paved roads for those who would prefer a more leisure ride.Nine gulf courses are conveniently located throughout the state in order to offer a truly quality experience as well as affordable outing opportunities for both individuals and groups of people.

Disc golf is very similar to golf, but it involves throwing a Frisbee-disc into baskets, or “holes.” These courses are offered at Cloudland Canyon, Fort Yargo, Georgia Veterans, and Richard B. Russell state parks.

However, the possibilities do not end there. Your next visit to a Georgia State Park could be for a fun-filled field day or a rigorous tennis match. Grab your tennis rackets and balls and enjoy the courts!The possibilities are yours and the opportunities are open. Not only will you have a great time by yourself, with family, or with friends, you will certainly get some exercise and experience a more fulfilling life.

For more ideas, visit your local parks or visit the events calendar at for a complete listening of available activities. A one-day park pass is five dollars and some activities may incur a small fee.