Volunteers Needed For Hayrides

Our Halloween Hayrides require 50+ volunteers each night!  We always need more help! 

Here are the most frequently asked questions about volunteering with us.  Read through them and, when you're ready to sign up, click here!

Q: Do I have to have experience to volunteer?

A: NO!  You have to be pleasant to be around, you have to smile and you have to want to have a good time.

Q: How old do I need to be?

A: All volunteers need to be 18 or older.  Volunteers younger than 18 are welcome but also must bring a chaperone due to safety concerns.  Children under 13 are discouraged.  Please contact us at hayrides@friendsofredtop.org to discuss your plans, situation and preferences.

Q: Do I have to volunteer every night?

A: No.  For almost all our positions, you can come any or all nights.  The exception is our haunters.  We prefer haunters to commit to at least two nights in a weekend at a minimum.  It is difficult to manage our scenes and make sure we have enough people in the right spots and committing to more than one night helps us make that easier.  

Q: What are the times and dates?

A: We run October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & 29.  Volunteers are needed from 6PM until about 10:30.

Q: What opportunities are  available?

A: We have four different positions available: 

  • Concessions/Guest Services - You will help check people in for their rides, assist with concessions and questions, help people on and off tractors and help with refreshments.  No special skills or costumes are required.  
  • Traffic Control - To keep our parking lot running smoothly our traffic control staff points folks in the right direction and helps them find their cars afterwards.
  • Haunting - Our haunters are costumed in one of four different styles depending on their haunt location.  Friends can provide limited help with costumes but almost anything you might need can be aquired from Goodwill or any local thrift store.  Haunting is a big commitment and we do require strict adherence to our costume guidelines and other rules.  If you have questions about the rules for haunters, email hayrides@friendsofredtop.org for more information.
  • General Duties - If you don't care what you do and just want to help out, we always need a few folks who can be assigned to different areas at the last minute.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: Aside from the amazing amount of fun that comes from doing good, working with great people and enjoying the season outdoors, we do have a few special ways we thank our volunteers.

  • We will provide you with a sandwich (turkey or ham), chips and a drink each night so you don't have to worry about food.
  • We will provide you with a free, commemorative t-shirt as a thank you!
  • Each night, we will hold a raffle for all volunteers to win some small prizes.  In addition, for each night you attend, you'll be entered into a drawing for a grand prize so the more nights you volunteer, the more chances you'll have to win!

Ready to sign up? Pick your role below and then select the shifts you're available for. If you want to fill different roles, choose "See all Duties."  Still have questions, send us an email at hayrides@friendsofredtop.org.

Roll Description
Volunteer for Traffic Control Help our guests find their way to great parking spot and then find their way back through the spooky woods afterwards.
Volunteer for Guest Services Checking guests in, guest services, helping folks on their ride. You'll be the first face people see!
Volunteer to Haunt Haunting is a big responsibility and comes with commitments. We'll help you learn the ropes and provide an orientation.
Volunteer for General Duties! We always need runners, folks we can move around, folks who can adapt. Sign up here to be a jack of all trades.
Volunteer for it all! Want to pick and choose? This option will show you all the roles and shifts available.