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Restorations at Black Rock Mountain


The Ada-hi Falls Trail is the shortest, most popular, and most accessible trail at Black Rock Mountain State Park, located in Mountain City, Georgia. Sitting high on the Eastern Continental Divide at the entrance to the park's primary camping area, this trail experienced great devastation during the outbreak of tornados on April 27-28, 2011. Portions of the trail's wooden staircase system were destroyed and trees were up-rooted alongside the trail, leaving behind huge craters. Unfortunately, the trail was left obliterated and completely inaccessible for park guests.

However, thanks to this park's Friends chapter, Black Rock Buddies, plants for rebuilding and restoring this popular trail were quickly set in motion. Friends and park staff made plans to relocate and rebuild platforms and staircases to the trail. Railings were rebuilt and trails were cleared.

Unified efforts have allowed Black Rock Buddies and their site to make great headway in these restoration and rebuilding efforts! Make sure to visit this fantastic park to see the amazing transformations it has undergone.

If you want to become part of the legacy and make a difference at your state parks, visit your local park and ask about the site's Friends chapter. Your donations also make a huge difference in helping to make projects like these possible. Thank you.