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Search & Rescue Needs You


This past year, DNR Search and Rescue Team responded to over 30 emergency instances throughout Georgia, 5 of which correlated with lives being saved. These instances included two helicopter medical evacuations, one cave rescue, one high angle rescue and one despondent search rescue. During Georgia Gives Day, your financial support for the team can help save lives. Our volunteers with DNR Search & Rescue provides training support and supplies for our parks' first responders. By reaching our goal of $10,000 in 24 hours, we will be able to help the team by providing: -Comprehensive medical kits -NCRC Cave/High Angle equipment and gear such as ropes, helmets, and gloves -a new rescue wheel and litter -swift water equipment and gear -GPS navigational systems for rescues -Wilderness First Responders training courses -Specialized Certifications for medical response, swift water rescue, and national cave rescue Your support for their next mission can make an impact on the lives of our friends and family who frequent the parks. Friends of DNR Search & Rescue provides volunteer service, purchases emergency supplies and funds first responders training to help protect your friends and families at Georgia's state parks. We need your help to provide these supplies and meet our training requirements for this coming year. We know at least $20,000 is needed shortly: $5,000 in supplies and $15,000 for high level training. Help us reach our goal of only $10,000 to meet our most immediate needs!