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Tons of Plastic


Friends of Cloudland Canyon State Park are doing their part to save recyclables from filling area landfills. Every week, Friends volunteers service all the recycling bins at the park keeping tons (literally) of plastic out of area landfills. Recently, Friends added five plastic and aluminum recycling bins reaching a grand total of 13 collection points throughout the park. Friends volunteers, who service the bins 1-2 times every week, operate the park's entire recycling program. These incredible individuals donate thousands of hours of their time to keeping the park clean, protected and beautiful. A huge "Thank You!!" to all of our Friends volunteers who keep programs like this going!
Please consider a donation to Friends of Cloudland Canyon and help make projects and programs like this one possible: CLICK HERE












Connie Ward, Friends volunteer pictured above, is one of the founding members of the Green Team saving recyclables from filling area landfills.