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Your Park, Your Volunteers


Friends of Reed Bingham state park works with a base of approximately 125+ volunteers from all age groups and backgrounds. We utilize many types of groups from boy and girl scouts to high school and college groups needing community service hours, to clients in group homes who do simple tasks that help our staff and volunteers.  Our chapter works with WWALS Watershed Coalition to promote health waterways, and to help maintain our rivers. In the spring WWALS Watershed Coalition and Friends of Reed Bingham state park co-sponsor the Big Little River Paddle Race, this event brings in kayakers and canoers from 12 to 90 years old. Our official board members are Tammy Perry, Steven Walters, Dianne Walters, our board at large includes Sharon Brannon, Brenda Bittner, and Ronald Wilder. Our sponsors past and present include Russell Stover Candies, Home Depot, Spirit screen printing,  Wiregrass investments, Red Barn Produce, Little River Beekeepers.

 Friends of Reed Bingham sponsors several events annually, which include  The Little River runs 5k, Big little River Paddle Race, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween haunted house/ Haunted Trail, Christmas on the Park, as well as other small events and service projects to promote our park and boost attendance.